Arabic Christmas from Lebanon / Noël oriental du Liban

Voici une vidéo qui a attiré notre attention.

La musique de Noël avec des instruments orientaux.

Plus précisémment du Liban






Eyem el lira


Grease… Musical…on Stage…Mogador..Paris


The teams of our two radio stations: « Radio Satellite » and « Radio Satellite2 » were able to attend the show, GREASE (Musical comedy taken from the famous movie film of the 70s).

We (teams) lived a pure happiness  during these 3 hours of show.

Yes…It was a physical show: Dances, somersaults, young people  performing breathtaking acrobatics. Fantastic dances and choreographies.

A  synchronized   show synchronized. Twenty actresses and actors who are also singers (beautiful voices), dancers  …. To summarize, as said « a pure jewel » « pure happiness »

The show mixes Grease’s English-language hits and some titles in French.  Anyway, the show was translated to English on 2 screens in Mogador theater, for non-French speakers, for tourists.

This show  can be easily  exported and can be performed on various stages / stage boards around the world. In fact, it’s an international show.

The day you read this article, if the show is still played, do…

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